Usage Guide


Before usage:

  1. After making the purchase, check if there is any damage on its surface.
  2. After putting some paper or fabric into the DICAPAC, shake or press it in the water like the pictures above. Make an exchange if you find the papers or fabric wet. We are not responsible for damages made by owner’s carelessness or mistakes.
While using:
  1. Check for damage at the mouth and zipper after each use, and avoid strong impacts and sharp objects. Do not leave it under the hot sun for long as the strong heat will damage the waterproof case.
  2. There may be condensation of water vapour in the case. If this issue occurs, just turn the lens to OPEN.
  3. In the event that sand or foreign matter was found stuck in the case, kindly clean and rinse with running water.
After usage:
  1. When removing your smart devices, point the mouth of the case downwards, shake off any water and wipe it well. Do not point the mouth of the case upwards as it can cause damages to your device should water around the mouth enters into the case.
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