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WARNING: If you obtain DiCAPac Waterproof Case from an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will not be valid, and we cannot offer you the assurances of quality and satisfaction afforded by the DiCAPac Warranty Program. To verify whether or not a retailer is an Authorized DiCAPac Dealer in Singapore, please check our dealer list.

IMPORTANT: Please note that for any and all warranty benefits, you must keep your original purchase receipt/sales invoice showing the name of the Singapore Authorized DiCAPac Retailer, name of original owner, purchase date, product model name, model type, purchase price, and relevant serial number.

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Where you can find the serial number for DiCAPac waterproof case? 
The serial number can be found on the GMM Technoworld hologram.  Refer to the below picture.


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Please read and understand the terms and conditions of limited product warranty.

Product Warranty Registration

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